Ursula is a Toronto born artist. Her body of work consists of haunting portraits and colourful Mixed Media abstracts.   As a child Ursula sat with her father and learned how to draw. She grew up to have a passion for art throughout grade school and high school. While studying math at  University of Toronto, Ursula managed  to maintain her interest in art.

After her undergraduate degree Ursula returned to art and painted Murals all over Toronto for 2 years.

While teaching math Ursula kept up her passion for art by taking courses and accumulating a subsequent degree in Visual arts from the University of Toronto in 2002.

In 2007 Ursula began to teach art at Lawrence Park Collegiate institute. This reawakened her passion for painting. In 2008 Ursula happened upon Walnut studios through a colleague. This artist collective nestled in the heart of king west opened her eyes to a world of art she had left behind when she started teaching.

Now Ursula teaches art full time and works as a part time artist. Her work has been shown in Café’s all over the city, walls of banks, group shows in galleries, and at Walnut studios open houses.   She is an active member of Walnut studios and would not have it any other way.

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