As someone who has the unique passions for both art and math, I see my abstract art as celebration of both of these interests. I am continually fascinated by how line, form and texture play off of one another in a successful piece of art. In this current painting series, I began with the inspiration of the beauty of the mosaic. The simple construction of the mosaic is a human element of art that is both timeless and endlessly beautiful. I begin creating the paintings by building squares of various sizes and colours across the surface. These colours are chosen with high contrast in mind. I aim to create visual excitement between the electric bright and the sublime organic colours. Once the basic construct of the larger shapes are laid down, I focus on “building up” the surface. This next layer focuses on the intersection between what is flat and smooth and what is intricately textured. In these moments of the work, I think about the mathematical harmony of the rule of thirds while constructing the interest within the composition. Within the final surface layer, I aim to find elements to add to the piece that are gorgeously delicate (patterned papers) and old and rustic (cardboard and found metal). At the end of the artistic process, I evaluate my pieces by whether my viewers eye is carried through the piece with pleasure; travelling through these contrasting elements in the piece: moving along the bright and dull, geometric and organic, delicate and rustic with curiosity .

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